Making Your Doors Burglar Resistant

Thieves are an unfortunate fact of life, as are home break-ins. While you do not want to be security obsessed, you do need to pay attentions to basics, including making your doors hard to breach. A combination of steps can help protect your home and family from burglary.

Door Choice

Your exterior doors need to be either completely solid or have a solid core. You can have either wood or metal, but avoid any hollow doors. You should also avoid having any glass in the door. Although windows in the door add an attractive design element, they are obviously easier than wood or metal to break through and gain entry. If you feel you must have glass, you need to choose a reinforced type or glass that is protected with metal bars. 

Door Jambs

Even if your door has excellent locks, including a deadbolt, your entry point is not safe if your door jambs are vulnerable. In this case, television shows are accurate. A few strong kicks or blows can break through the jambs if you do not reinforce them. Also, any door that is attached to the jamb with external hinges can never be safe from a burglar with a basic set of tools. You can purchase steel plates that will make it quite difficult for anyone to break in.


If you have any shrubbery close to your front door, you need to remove it. It's too easy for a thief to hide and maneuver behind bushes or other foliage. In some instances, you may be able to trim these plants enough to keep them. Consider adding a peephole to the door as well. The right peephole will allow you to see the outside at a wide angle so that you can view everyone near the door. Also, they should not be able to see that you are actually looking at them. You will be better able to decide if opening the door is safe. 

Door security isn't glamorous or exciting, so you may not think about it often. Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps to improve the safety of your home. First, consult with a local locksmith, such as those at Bob's Lock & Key, to make sure your actual locks are strong enough to resist most burglary attempts. Then make sure that other aspects of your door security are also sound. If you and your family make it a family project, you can lower your chances of a break-in over the course of one weekend.