In Love With The Art Deco Style? Tips On Furnishing Your Home With Pieces That Evoke The Era

Even though the Art Deco period began in the 1920s and ended over a half century ago, the style continues to be mimicked by all types of designers, from clothing to fine art. You can still find the influence of Art Deco in furniture and home decorations. If you are enamored with Art Deco and want to include elements of the design style in your home and garden, there are several characteristics you should look for when shopping for pieces. The following guide can help you understand Art Deco better and be a savvy shopper when looking for items that fit your aesthetic ideals.

Art Deco Basics

One of the great things about Art Deco is that even though it evokes a bygone Great Gatsby era, furniture and other items from the era still look modern and can even look futuristic. The style combines bold, sleek, and dramatic shapes and lines with smooth, rounded edges.

The distinct style is typified by the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the Chrysler Building in New York. Materials commonly used for Art Deco pieces include glass, stainless steel, aluminum, lacquer, and plastics. Some pieces also include inlaid wood.

Wall Decorations

One of the easiest ways to add Art Deco elements to your home quickly and without spending a lot of money is to add wall pieces and coverings like hanging mirrors, frames, large clocks, abstract artwork, and posters that depict that era.

Look for mirrors, picture frames, and abstract wall decorations made of metals that have a silver, gold, or copper-colored finish. Typical designs include rectangular, triangular, circle, and chevron shapes with beveled and lattice work edges.

Round mirrors and clocks with segments or rods around the edges in varying lengths to give a sunburst effect are also reminiscent of authentic Art Deco pieces.

It is quite easy to find posters that depict the Art Deco era. Many retailers sell replicas of famous posters of the era usually depicting advertisements or the work of famous artists from the period such as Tamara de Lempicka, Erté, and Georges Barbier.


While you may not have the money to purchase authentic furniture pieces made in the Art Deco era, you can find affordable items that feature the design characteristics of that period. Shop for furniture with sleek and shiny metal pieces, inlaid wood patterns or glossy lacquered finishes. Art Deco furniture also features rounded lines and bold patterns.

Modular furniture was also in vogue during the era so look for living room sets that include sectional sofas, footstools and chairs that also fit together as one piece. Materials that are common in Art Deco type furniture include silk and velvet-like fabrics that may have geometric designs or are decorated with bold animal or floral prints. 

For tables, look for features like inlaid patterns made of wood and lacquer in intricate designs. Chest of drawers from the period have similar features including drawers and tops made of shiny and reflective material like glass.

Lawn Pieces

You do not have to limit your passion for Art Deco design to the interior of your home. You can shop for vintage and new lawn furniture that match your mid-20th century interior design theme.

Look for outdoor chaise lounges, rocking chairs, benches, and table sets with Art Deco elements. For example, wicker and metal rocking chairs, ottomans, and sofas with curved features such as arm rests and chair backs. You can add outdoor pillows in fabric with geometric patterns to complete the Art Deco look to your main patio furniture pieces.

If you want to go the extra mile, add birdbaths and outdoor fountains with Art Deco features such as octagonal columns, basins in geometric shapes, and lacquered decorative elements. To find Art Deco pieces for your home, check out a gallery like Kelly Gallery.