7 Spectacular Ways To Make A Statement With Natural Stone

Do you want something special for your decor? Are you looking for that element, indoors or out, that will bring attention to your home and make it stand out? Natural stone is the answer for you. Natural stone brings elements of unique style you just can't get from man-made pieces. It is also eco-friendly, lasts for years and is versatile enough to fit into any landscape or home design. Here are 7 ways you can use natural stone to bring character to your home. 

Shower Tiles

Natural stone makes a stunning shower tile. Geology.com reports that soapstone repels water, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms. It also doesn't stain and requires little maintenance. Mix dark and light tiles for an artistic flair, or keep the color consistent to create a calm, inviting space. 

If you love your shower tiles, you can move the soapstone theme into the rest of your bathroom in sinks and floors. 

Kitchen Countertops

Your counter tops are a focal point of your kitchen. Make an elegant statement with long-lasting granite. The stone comes in a variety of colors and gorgeous textures to match any color scheme. Granite is easy to care for and will transform your kitchen into a work of art. 


Do something truly unique in your home with natural stone bookcases. Marble is an amazing stone that can be used to create bookcases full of drama. Consider marble bookcases on either side of a fireplace topped with a marble mantel. 

You can also add small marble bookshelves to your bathroom or bedroom as an elegant detail. 


Use natural stone to create gorgeous, wide stairs that lead up to another room or all the way up to the next level of your home. Try limestone for creating steps that will make your interior design concept truly unique. 

Stone stairs can follow the pattern of regular, straight stairs or can be created as a spiral staircase that will become a design feature of your home that is functional as well. 

Outdoor Entertaining

An outdoor space entirely made from natural stones is a wonder to see and makes a relaxing retreat for you and your guests. Start with a circular stone fire pit, and put down stone flooring around it. You can then create benches for seating. The result is the perfect space for cook-outs and getting together with family and friends. 

Go the extra mile with an outdoor stone oven where you can prepare food for your guests. You can add a permanent grill secured on a stone structure.  


Natural stone tiles are a beautiful and durable choice for flooring. Consider slate for floors in your home that get lots of wear. You can find it in a variety of hues, and it is slip resistant. 

Blue slate is especially pretty in kitchens and bathrooms. Choose a pattern of browns and golds as flooring for living rooms and family areas. Slate can run seamlessly from room to room, creating a flow that is perfect for an open floor plan. 

Pool Deck

Natural stones take a backyard pool from boring to incredible. Use natural stone tiles around your pool and as a patio for pool chairs and other outdoor furniture. Then use natural looking rocks in your landscaping around the pool to make it blend into the great outdoors. 

You can even use stone to build water features like a rock waterfall that flows into your pool. 

Natural stone can do amazing things for your indoor decor and your outdoor landscaping. Some stones are more water resistant, and some require different levels of maintenance, so be sure to consult a landscaping or design specialist to choose a stone for your specific project.