Curtain Care Tips

It may be easy for you to overlook the importance of caring for the curtains in your home. These window treatments can be among the more noticeable features of any room, and you will want to keep them in good condition to ensure that your rooms are as inviting as possible. Therefore, you should use these curtain care tips to keep routine damages from ruining the appearance of the curtains in your home.

Use A Liner With Your Curtains

Having a white liner between your curtains and the window glass can provide protection against the sun's intense rays of light. When this light strikes the curtains, it can degrade the pigments in the cloth, which will lead to the color fading or changing. By placing a white liner between the curtain and the glass, you can reflect the majority of this light so that the curtains will avoid this type of damage and wear. Additionally, a window tint will also help to reduce the ability of damaging light.

Vacuum And Wash The Curtains On A Fairly Regular Schedule

As time passes, your curtains can gather sizable amounts of dust and dirt. These substances can greatly degrade the appearance of the curtains by making them appear dull and discolored. To keep the curtains bright, you will want to vacuum them at least once every couple of weeks and wash them each year. These steps will remove any substances that are gathering on the curtains and will greatly improve their appearance while minimizing the risk of permanent stains. After washing the curtains, ensure that you follow the washing and drying instructions exactly. Otherwise, you may find that the curtains become tattered, warped, or shrunk.

Apply A Protective Coating To The Curtains If You Have Pets Or Small Children

If you have pets, it can be remarkably easy for the curtains to gather pet fur, dirt, and other substances when the pet rubs against it. This can also be a problem for parents with small children as children's hands are notoriously dirty and can easily stain the curtains. Luckily, you can greatly enhance the protection of the curtains by coating them with a fabric sealant. These sealants will protect the curtains by providing a waterproof layer that will stop pigments and other sources of stains from being absorbed by the fabric. You can contact to see which kinds of sealants would work best for your fabrics. When applying these substances, you should pay special attention to the lower half of the curtains as this area will be the most likely to suffer this type of damage.