Does Your New Lawn Need Taming? Follow This Guide To Tackle Your Backyard Jungle

When you bought your house, you knew that the landscaping would require a little work. However, you had no idea just how bad the pest and weed control problem was until you started digging around. While it takes time and effort to tame a lawn that is overrun with pests, you can get use these simple strategies to get it under control:

Choose the Right Spray System

Spray systems are a common piece of pest control equipment that you can use to apply pesticides to your landscaping, and weed control products work the same way. If your pest or weed problem is contained to a small area, then you can use a manual system that works using a pumping motion to push the spray out of the nozzle. However, bigger jobs may require a power system that allows you to save your energy while reaching a larger area in a shorter amount of time. You can also choose from sprayers that fit into a back harness or that come with a pull-along dolly so that you can easily move your system throughout a large yard.

Identify the Correct Method

It is also important to choose the right type of pest control products and herbicides to work for your job. Identify the type of pests that you are dealing with and search for pest control supplies that apply to that type of insect or animal. For instance, you can use traps to control rodents that have overrun your lawn. If you are unsure what type of weeds you are dealing with, then consider adding a broad spectrum herbicide to your weed control supplies that should knock out most varieties in your area.

Practice Preventative Maintenance

Once you have the main part of the problem under control, you will want to prevent it from ever getting that bad again. Find weed control equipment that makes it easier to stop weed growth such as special barriers that you place between the soil and surface coverings such as rocks. You can also use barriers such as copper mesh to prevent rodents from gaining entry to your outdoor garden and entertainment areas.

As a new homeowner, there is naturally some work that you need to do to get your landscape in shape. Yet, that doesn't mean that you have to face many hours of backbreaking labor. By knowing how to choose the right weed and pest control equipment, you can look forward to cleaning up your lawn so that you can enjoy spending time in your outdoor space.

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