Tips For Decorating Your Foyer

Do you feel as though the entrance to your home is underwhelming? Your entranceway, or foyer, is where first impressions are made. It also serves the purpose of being the catch-all spot by the front door in many homes. The following are a few design ideas to make your foyer more attractive and useful.

Plan for outerwear

One of the biggest issues in a foyer is that the small space often becomes cluttered with coats, umbrellas, keys, outgoing mail, and other items. If you don't have a closet in the foyer to hold these items, then invest in better storage. A corner coat rack is attractive if you only have a few coats, but wall mounted hooks, or even a small armoire is a better option if you have a lot of outerwear. There are even versions that have built-in boot trays for winter boots and rain gear. A key hook or an attractive bowl to catch small items like keys and garage door openers is also a necessity to keep everything tidy.

Furnish with a statement piece 

In a larger space, you can place a narrow table against one wall in the foyer. Adorn it with a statement item, such as a vase of flowers or an attractive statuette, so that beauty greets you and your guests each time you enter the home. Even small foyers benefit from a statement piece. You may not be able to fit in a table, but you can hang a mirror in an attractive frame. Not only will this make the foyer seem bigger, but it also provides a place to check your hair one last time before leaving the home. If you have room, you can even add a small wall mounted shelf beneath the mirror to hold a small vase or your key bowl.

Improve the lighting

Lighting is very important in a foyer, as entering a dark home is rarely welcoming. A small chandelier provides plenty of light and casts an interesting shadow on a wall, giving the entrance a feeling of grandeur no matter its size. Just make sure the scale of the fixture fits the size of the foyer. If you have a long, narrow foyer, consider sunken can lights aimed at the wall. If you line the walls with art, each can highlight a picture.

For more help in designing an attractive foyer, visit a store to check out art, furniture, and home decor light fixtures.