Are You Redecorating Your Kitchen?

Do you get to completely redecorate your kitchen? Do you even get new appliances? Or maybe you are leaving the major things like appliances, countertops, and cabinetry as they are. If that's the case, you're probably focusing on things like the window treatment, kitchen furniture, and accessories, right? If you are selecting window blinds or buying new furniture and accessories, here are some tips that might help you.

The Window Treatment - Have you already decided what you will be doing for your window treatment? Perhaps you're still in the planning stages. If you've been looking through home and garden decorating magazines, you might have been drawn to plantation shutters in different rooms. Consider using wooden plantation shutters as the window treatment in your kitchen. Not only are they really attractive, but they're affordable and very easy to maintain.

No matter the size of your window, plantation shutters can be ordered that will fit it. For example, if you have a large bay window in your kitchen, plantation shutters can be ordered to fit right in that space. The other benefit of selecting wooden plantation shutters is that if you change the decor of your kitchen in the future, the plantation shutters will complement any decor you select at that time.

Maybe you'd rather have fabric curtains. If you do select fabric for your window treatment, consider a fabric that will wash well. Think about the look you want in your kitchen. For example, maybe you want a country look. If so, gingham or plaid would both be appropriate choices. If you're going with a garden theme, think about selecting a fabric that has things like flowers, butterflies, or birds as the design of the fabric.

For more ideas on the window treatment, look for stores that carry brands like Hunter Douglas shutters, shades, or blinds. They can help you decide what product will give your kitchen the look you want.

Kitchen Furniture  And Accessories - Think of the mood you want to establish. For example, if you don't have a formal dining room, consider buying elegant kitchen furniture that will give your kitchen a dining room appearance. Maybe you want a contemporary look in your kitchen. If that's the case, consider buying metal furniture. You could also get a glass-top table and metal chairs. For a country look, think of buying unfinished-wood furniture and painting them for a shabby chic look.

As you choose the accessories for your kitchen, consider what you bought for your kitchen furniture. For example, if you went with a country look, use decorations like ceramic barn animals and display them in strategic places. If you went with a formal look, shop in places like antique stores for unique pieces that will add formality to your kitchen.