Creating Inspiration Throughout Your Home With Metal Wall Art

Putting a personalized touch in every room of your home can inspire your family and create a unique source of pride for everyone. Custom metal wall art offers a great way to add that personal touch. There are several different ways to use custom metal art in your home, and the following guide can serve as your source of design inspiration.

Monogram Wall Art

Adding custom metal monogrammed wall art to the living room or foyer of your home can create a unique statement about who your family is. You can add the first initials for you and your spouse along with your full family name, or you can create a custom design with the first initial of every family member. Intricate scroll work or other accents make it easy to match this piece of wall art to the rest of the decor in your home. For a unique placement option, consider putting your wall art in a window to give the window pane a custom look while also making a design statement.

Inspirational Words And Phrases

Sometimes, a sign consisting of a simple word can serve as a source of inspiration or motivation. These words might include joy, blessed, happy, or together, but you can choose the words that mean the most to you. Another option is to choose words specific to each room, such as play for a playroom or eat for the dining room. Have fun with choosing fonts to match the theme of every room. Playful fonts are perfect for kids' rooms while cursive makes an elegant option for a formal living room.

Family Name Porch Signs

You may already be familiar with the tradition of naming mansions and other buildings, but you might not have considered following this tradition for your own family home. A custom metal sign with your family's last name posted on the porch can bring a stately yet welcoming touch to your home. A rectangular sign with metal lettering can offer a traditional look, while a wrought iron design with intricate details can imbue Victorian elegance. When installing this sign, consider placing a sconce directly above or below it to light the sign for better visibility at night. You can also upgrade your house number sign to match in order to create a cohesive look.

Of course, there are many more options to consider when decorating with custom metal signs. Small signs with each child's name offer a fun way to personalize the bedrooms, and small signs with each family member's initials can be great for labeling storage bins in a mudroom or basement. Don't be afraid to get creative by designing your own signs.