Are You Planning Holiday Table Settings?

Were you a bit sad about summer coming to an end? Maybe you are an avid swimmer or you love to hike outdoors and you've had to say goodbye to those activities you love. However, maybe now you are looking forward to the holidays ahead.

Does part of that anticipation stem from the fact that you love to entertain during the holidays? If so, maybe you are looking for new ideas on how to make your dining room table look especially nice. If so, from creating custom faux floral arrangements yourself to adding holiday decorations to the table, here are some ideas that might help you.

Your Halloween Table

Think of one specific word as you plan your Halloween table. That word is "scary"Go with basic black with touches of orange for your Halloween floral arrangement. Buy custom faux floral arrangements that have black orchids or black roses as the focal point of the arrangement. Some gold or silver baby's breath will add extra pizzaz to the arrangement. Consider buying scary witch and ghost figurines. Or, of course, you could add a cute look by selecting funny witch, goblin, and ghost figurines. And, don't forget black cats as part of the table arrangement.

Your Thanksgiving Table

When you select the custom faux floral arrangement for your Thanksgiving table, consider having the faux flowers set in a cornucopia. Add things like fall leaves, acorns, dried corn, and faux fruits that have been painted gold. For your Thanksgiving arrangement, consider adding candles for an elegant look. Pilgrim figurines could also add a nice touch to your Thanksgiving table arrangement. 

Your Christmas Table

Before you buy your custom faux floral arrangement for your Christmas table, consider whether you want to establish a playful mood or whether you want to have an elegant setting. For a playful setting, go with red faux poinsettias. Surround them with things like snowmen, Santas, penguins, and snow bunnies. If you want to have a very formal table, consider faux gold poinsettias, with the addition of gold roses. This time, add things like gold angels and crystal candelabra or individual glass votive candles at each place setting.

No matter which holiday, the great thing about faux flowers is that they can be saved to use again next year. The frosting-on-the-cake is that the arrangements will more than likely be a lot more affordable than you thought they'd be.

For more information about custom faux floral arrangements, contact a company like Custom Silk Floral Plant Designs.