3 Qualities To Gain By Planting Trees In Your Side Yard

When you look at your landscape, you may find that most of your focus goes toward the front yard and backyard. With how your property is set up, you may also have sizable areas on the sides of your home where the landscape can play a major role in appearance and functionality.

If you have already worked on your front yard and backyard over the past few months or years, you may want to take on several projects within your side yard. Planting a few new trees on both sides is one option and something that you should consider investing in for several reasons.

Sound Blockage

Living in a home with neighbors close by means that you may hear them on occasion, especially when they are spending time outside. While you may understand that living in a neighborhood where the houses are close to each other will inevitably lead to families hearing each other, you may want to reduce how much noise you hear from the outside. Planting tall and bushy trees in the side yard is an effective way to block out the sounds that come from your direct neighbors.

If you want to speed up the growth process, you can plant saplings that are already a few feet tall as they will have already gone through the time-consuming initial stage of growth. Once the trees start producing lots of leaves, you can look forward to considerable sound blockage.


Another perk that you can get from growing trees on each side of your yard is privacy. When working with professionals to grow trees, you will find that achieving privacy requires a similar approach to blocking sound. But, you may want to target certain areas such as where you know neighboring doors or windows are located since you can block them with your new trees.

By letting a tree expert know where you want privacy and what viewpoints you would like to block with trees, they can pick certain trees that will meet your needs when they reach maturity.


If you are interested in spending more time in your side yard, you should consider growing trees with the intention to add shade to the area. This can make a huge difference when you know that one of the things holding you back from hanging out in this area is excessive heat from the sun.

Contact a tree service company like Able Scape, Inc to learn more about planting trees.