The Right Way To Use Air Fresheners

People use air fresheners to cover up the smell of stale air and other undesirable odors, but they sometimes go overboard and use the air freshener too much. While many scents, like an apple-scented air freshener spray, can be delightful at first, over time the user can get used to the scent. This leads to overuse, where you are spraying the air freshener over and over and creating a too-strong scent for people just entering the room. There is a right way to use air freshener so that everyone can enjoy the scent.

Use It as a Temporary Mask

One of the main purposes of air freshener spray is to cover up bad odors — stale air, pungent cooking odors, and other bad smells. But the key is to use the freshener as a temporary mask while you search for or remedy the cause of the bad odors. For example, if your home has been closed up because of bad weather or because you've been gone on a trip, the air freshener can make the house smell nicer.

But while you're inhaling that wonderful apple scent, you also need to open the windows and doors when you can to air the place out. If you're covering up cooking odors, you need to also turn on your kitchen ventilation fan or open a window and wash the dishes. If you're covering up a bad smell that appeared out of nowhere, you have to keep searching for the cause.

In other words, use the freshener spray as a mask, but not a complete fix for the problem. Once the bad smell is gone, you can still use the freshener spray if you like the scent, but ease up on the application. Keep airing out the home so that you have a combination of scent spray and fresh air.

Create a Mood-Boosting Atmosphere

Sometimes your house smells fine, but you'd like to add a scent you enjoy smelling. An air freshener spray offers a fast way to do that, but be sure that the spray you choose is a scent that's right for the moment. Scents can be mood boosters. Forget about aromatherapy and fancy terms like that, and consider how each scent can make you feel. Apple and cinnamon might make you feel cozy and comforted, while mint or evergreen might make you feel more like your home is very clean and energized.

Maybe you're craving a particular scent, but if not, consider the atmosphere that you want your house to have, and choose accordingly. Using the "wrong" scent in this case can result in a home that actually doesn't smell that great to you.

Basic scents are great choices. Instead of complicated holiday concoctions, try a simple apple-scented spray in fall or a lemony scent in spring. These can evoke memories and feelings — and cover up bad smells — very quickly.