Keeping Granite Enhancements Looking Their Best

The incorporation of granite into a home or landscaping scheme provides pleasing aesthetics to any property. If you wish to enhance the appearance of your property with granite stone pieces, use the following steps to keep them looking sharp for years to come.

Consider The Placement Of Pieces Upon Your Property

To keep your granite enhancements looking pristine, place them in targeted areas. Avoid placing granite stone pieces in spots where they are subjected to direct sunlight. Because of shadowing that occurs as light changes during the day, granite is prone to discoloration and fading. Instead, place items in spots where shade is primarily in place hour after hour. In addition, set pieces in areas where moisture accumulation is less likely to occur.

Clean Granite Stone Regularly For A Fresh Appearance

Granite stone pieces kept in an outdoor setting are at risk for debris accumulation which greatly alters the overall appearance of the medium. For this reason, it is necessary to routinely clean pieces to remove debris before staining occurs. Take the time to clean pieces each month or whenever granite appears grungy. It is best to avoid chemical agents when cleaning granite. Instead, use natural ingredients such as baking soda mixed with water or a vinegar and water spray to effectively moisturize granite so debris loosens from the stone. After the application of one of these homemade cleaning agents, use a piece of microfiber cloth to remove debris and polish the stone. Rub the stone gently and do not use abrasive cloth pieces to conduct the process.

Seal Granite Pieces Yearly For Proper Moisture Repelling

Granite is a porous rock, which means it allows moisture within the crevices of its structure. If moisture gets inside of granite, it is prone to breakage and mold accumulation. To avoid this, a proper sealing process is necessary to keep moisture on the exterior of rock pieces. To test current pieces within your landscape, add a few drops of water upon the rock and observe the way it moves. If it beads up, the pieces have enough sealant in place to keep moisture repelled for a while longer. If the water disappears, a coating of sealant is necessary. Spray on sealant works well for outdoor granite pieces. Pick a warm and dry day for application.

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