Everyday Water Use: Advantages Of A Point Of Use Reverse Osmosis System In Your Kitchen

Think about the kitchen in your home. Now think about how often you use the water in your kitchen. For many people, they use tap water or refrigerator water connections without thinking about what is actually in the water. Water coming into your home can include a variety of things, including nitrates, pesticides, bacteria, and too much fluoride. One way to help improve the water quality in your kitchen is with the installation of a reverse osmosis systems.

Four Unique Ways To Repurpose An Old Fireplace Mantel

Fireplaces have been used for hundreds of years to heat homes, and an integral part of each of them is the mantel. The mantel was originally used to provide support for a protective grate that hung in front of the fireplace, but it later evolved into mostly a decorative structure. Mantels still play a key role by serving as a focal point for the fireplace and offsetting it from the rest of the room.

Tips For Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Camper

Camping is a wonderful activity that many families enjoy, and having a camper is a great way to do this. If you have a camper that is parked by your home and are experiencing problems with a rodent infestation in your camper, you may want to take some steps to not only get rid of the rodents, but to also keep them away in the future. There are steps you can take to do this, and here are some of them.

7 Spectacular Ways To Make A Statement With Natural Stone

Do you want something special for your decor? Are you looking for that element, indoors or out, that will bring attention to your home and make it stand out? Natural stone is the answer for you. Natural stone brings elements of unique style you just can't get from man-made pieces. It is also eco-friendly, lasts for years and is versatile enough to fit into any landscape or home design. Here are 7 ways you can use natural stone to bring character to your home.

5 Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Pleat for Your Custom Drapes

When you select custom drapes for a room, you have several decisions to make. Not only do you have to pick an appropriate fabric, but you should also concern yourself with the fall of the fabric, the length, and the width. These features will help create a unique look for your room. The final aspect of your drapes that you should consider carefully is the pleat. The pleat is how the fabric is gathered (or not gathered) at the top of the drapes, and it can drastically change how your drapes look in your room.